Adam Vettorel’s Quaglia E Polenta

Adam Vettorel’s Quaglia e Polenta

Quail and polenta is a dish often served in the fall during hunting season in Italy. At North & Navy, we use white polenta. Quaglia is a speciality of Veneto and Friuli where polenta is a staple of the region.…

Roberto Marotta’s Polpette Di Cavolfiore

Roberto Marotta’s Polpette di Cavolfiore

ARDO Restaurant's Roberto Marotta's  Polpette di Cavolfiore is an easy and tasty vegetarian take on the polpette or Italian meatball. Polpette di Cavolfiore Cicchetti INGREDIENTS 1 head cauliflower 4 medium potatoes (Yukon Gold or similar) 2 eggs 1 cup ragusano or…

Adam Vettorel’s Sarde In Saor

Adam Vettorel’s Sarde in Saor

Adam Vettorel's take on the classic Venetian cicchetti works perfectly as a light, healthy meal or as an antipasto at a dinner party. Sarde in Saor INGREDIENTS 20 sardines Salt 1 tbsp oil 3 large onions 3 fennel bulbs (pick and…

Olive Oil Gelato

Olive Oil Gelato

Gelato is Italy’s answer to our ice cream, but more importantly, it's a product that packs a punch in terms of flavour and consistency. Even in gelato!  This recipe for olive oil gelato uses Olearia San Giorgio OTTO Extra Virgin Olive…

Derek Dammann’s Chicken Wing Gravy

Derek Dammann’s Chicken Wing Gravy

Chicken Wing Gravy This can be made ahead of time and frozen to make life easier on the big day. —D.D. From Canada's 100 Best Cooking Issue 2016

Derek Dammann’s Stuffing With Sage And Chestnuts

Derek Dammann’s Stuffing with Sage and Chestnuts

Stuffing with sage and chestnuts I choose not to stuff large birds as they take too long to cook when filled, which results in a dry product. You could always shove a little bit of the stuffing up the backside…

Please Don’t Overcook Me!

Please Don’t Overcook Me!

Other than our enthusiasm for roasting them and presenting them as a centrepiece for our celebratory family table, we have a strange way of expressing our love for this unfortunate bird. Linguistically, anyway, we are universally keen to dissociate ourselves…

David McMillan’s Old English Quebec Christmas

David McMillan’s old English Quebec Christmas

Montreal in the 1800s had a lot of manufacturing and industry The St. Lawrence Seaway was the highway and a lot of goods were sent to godforsaken places like Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. There was nothing to bring…