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Canada's 50 Best Bars 2019


Presenting the 50 Best Bars in Canada 2019

The experience of going out is made during the more intimate, before-and-after moments of dinner, which are often spent on bar stools or at dimly lit tables enjoying a drink.

At Canada’s 100 Best, our idea of a great bar starts with an atmospheric setting and an exceptional beverage program. We think excellent cocktails are just like the best food: they should respect the past but do more than simply repeat it. And we think that any good bartender should be able to pull off that trick with a non-alcoholic mix, too

Without further ado: the 2019 list of the Best Bars in Canada. To search by region, click here



No. 1: Bar Raval

Of all the watering holes around the country, none evokes such ardent enthusiasm (and sometimes…

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The Keefer Bar

No. 2: The Keefer Bar

At Keefer Bar, you don’t need to believe in traditional Chinese medicine to feel the…

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No: 3 Civil Liberties

Sit at the penny-covered bar and watch the magic happen.....
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No. 4: Pretty Ugly

Pretty Ugly is a chill Parkdale gem from the same people behind Bar Raval and…

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No. 5: Atwater Cocktail Club

Atwater cocktail club is one dark, dead-end alley that you shouldn’t scurry past. Because behind…

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No. 6: The Coldroom

Old Montreal’s architectural marvels do not include an anonymous, scruffy, black metal door set into…

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No. 7: Cloakroom Bar

The narrow entrance at the cloakroom bar is lined with black-and-white photos of style trailblazers.…

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No. 8: Proof

Love and Because You Like Coldplay..
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No. 9: Botanist

A Even in Vancouver, Botanist has a magical mushroom drink raises eyebrows especially when Candy Cap Magic, especially when Candy Cap Magic,
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No. 10: The Bar at Alo

The Bar at Alo, separate from the restaurant, is an elegant oasis floating three stories…

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No. 15: Prohibition

Prohibition, often billed as an “intimate speakeasy.” This velvet-draped art deco lounge is far too…

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No. 13: Bar Clementine

At Bar Clementine, slip into the louche skin of a bon vivant, sipping absinthe in…

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No. 11: El Pequeño

El Pequeño Small square-footage, grand atmosphere: El Pequeño is the former Canuck-kitsch gift shop which…

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No. 20: Bar Bricco

Bar Bricco is a tiny, elegant bar that authentically recreates a taste of Italy, from…

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No. 12: Gift Shop

At the back of an Ossington barbershop, this 18-seat retreat revolves around the charmingly cantankerous…

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No. 14: Nacarat

Nacarat, located inside Montreal’s beautifully renovated Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth hotel.  Nacarat’s name alludes to…

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No. 17: Lot Six

Warm East Coast hospitality in a historic stone building lends this high-volume cocktail bar remarkable…

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No. 18: The Shameful Tiki Room (Toronto)

Shameful Tiki Room comes to Toronto’s Parkdale ’hood via a sister bar (led by ex-Harbord…

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No. 19: The Shameful Tiki Room (Vancouver)

The Shameful Tiki Room is not just a bar, it’s a world. To enter this…

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Best Bars No. 16: The Diamond

Bustling with a mixed-age crowd and....
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Best Bars No. 30: Lobby Lounge

A shiny expanse of gleaming white marble brims with beautiful people swaying to live music.…

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Best Bars No. 29: Chez Tao!

The brainchild of award-winning mixologist Vincent Thuaud, Chez Tao! is the late-night Saint-Sauveur district spot…

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Best Bars No. 28: Stillwell Beer Bar

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Best Bars No. 27: Roost

Roost is perched among the treetops on the second floor of an old house with…

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Best Bars No. 26: 1608

1608 is located inside a turret in the majestic Fairmont Le Château Frontenac.  The circular…

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Best Bars No. 25: Paris Paris

At Paris Paris it’s literally always vino o’clock. This all-day bar also boasts chef-ish food…

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No. 24: Nénuphar

Nénuphar, inspired by the absinthe prohibition in 1920s Paris. The art nouveau speakeasy, located inside…

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No. 23: Barchef

Barchef owner-mixologist Frankie Solarik—part magician, part scientist—has been tickling all senses with his modernist cocktails…

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Midfield Wine Bar

Best Bar No. 22: Midfield Wine Bar

Midfield Wine Bar is making wine approachable. This cozy, dark wood-clad haven for wine nerds…

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Best Bars No. 40: Lopan

Lopan is a shabby Chinoise chic, late-night hideaway serving modern Asian cocktails and dim sum…

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Best Bars No. 39: Birreria Volo

Birreria Volo is a dark and narrow Italian-inspired beer hall specializing in rustic, farmhouse and…

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Best Bars No. 38: Soif Bar À Vin

Soif Bar À Vin's low-intervention wines from lesser-known grapes and regions and simple food to…

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Best Bars No. 37: Betty Lou’s Library

Betty Lou’s Library is a Parisian salon that meets Prohibition-era speakeasy featuring live jazz and…

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Best Bars No. 36: Five & Dime

Five & Dime is a cozy, ballast-stone bar with a huge (1,000+) vinyl record collection…

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Best Bars No. 35: The Cocktail Bar at Hawksworth

Elegant hotel lobby lounge serving classic grown-up drinks. ARTY FACT: Big Love with Diamond Dust…

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Best Bars No. 34: Le Royal

Le Royal is a sexy cave-like lounge that gets festive late at night. PLAYLIST: Hip…

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Best Bars No. 33: The Bar At Ayden

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Best Bars No. 31: Noble At The Middle Spoon

Password-protected speakeasy in a candlelit, antique-filled boiler room underneath The Middle Spoon dessert bar. HOUSE…

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Best Bars No. 32: Thirteen Pies Pizza + Bar

Killer tiki-style cocktails.
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Grapes & Soda

No. 49: Grapes & Soda

Grapes & Soda is quirky, cramped and cozy. But Vancouver’s original natural-wine bar also cooks…

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Luxus Lounge

Best Bar No. 50: Luxus Lounge

Luxus Lounge is bringing craft-cocktail polish to The Rock. The energetic bartenders running this intimate…

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Milk Tiger Lounge

Best Bars: The Milk Tiger Lounge

The Milk Tiger Lounge was a game-changer for Calgary.  This casual hole-in-the-wall has a deep…

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The Woodcutters Blanket

Best Bars: The Woodcutter’s Blanket

At the Woodcutters Blanket, prepare to make new friends. This tiny log cabin punches hugely…

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Best Bars No. 46: The Cloak Bar

The Cloak Bar is a posh, Brit-themed speakeasy located behind a heavy curtain beneath Marben…

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Bar Annabelle

Best Bars No. 44: Bar Annabelle

Bar Annabelle is evoking the old-time glamour of a luxury rail club, this tiny blush-and-brass…

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Mahjong Bar

Best Bars No. 43: Mahjong Bar

FOR THE ‘GRAM: Glowing-red keyhole doorway from the 1960s
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Best Bars No. 42: Burdock Brewery

Burdock Brewery is a brewpub run by winos (with a music hall on the side)…

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Best Bars No. 41: Le King Hall

Le King Hall is a laid-back pub with 30 taps, deep beer cellar, extensive Scotch…

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