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DesignAgency for Leña

Diners in Toronto have been blessed with many opportunities to immerse themselves in the extraordinary work of DesignAgency.

By Chris Johns

Presented by BLANCO

While Leña is their latest Toronto project, the DA team also put together the sleek and contemporary Momofuku Toronto complex as well as the plush and traditional Soho House, three divergent but equally impressive spaces.

Such is their range. They have designed commercial and residential projects around the world—spaces that are uniquely satisfying to enjoy as patrons, but also functional and gratifying for those who work in them. Partners Allen Chan, Matthew Davis and Anwar Mekhayech bring enthusiasm and an international perspective to everything they do, evidenced by their most recent project. Leña is a masterful expression of traditional Latin elements deployed in a modern space in the centre of downtown Toronto. Transformative spaces such as this are rare, and for that reason we recognize the Design Agency for Best Restaurant Design 2017.

Lena Restaurant
Lena Restaurant
Lena Restaurant


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