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Canada’s Best Food Emoji?

Every language reflects the preoccupations of its creators. So, just as Inuktiitut has a dozen words for snow, the emoji alphabet boasts pictograms for bento boxes, rice balls, shaved ice, fishcake with swirl, oden and dango…but nothing for foie gras, Yorkshire pudding or pickled herring. Yet.

But as the language grows daily more international, non-Japanese emoji speakers are imposing their own local taste on the chatter.

Mexico City recently held a clever competition looking for design submissions for the Mexican emojis that would be representative of the city.  One of the winners was a food emoji (see elote below) which got us thinking:  what would a similar contest in Canada yield?

With an internet search revealing shockingly few food emoji (other than the ubiquitous poutine) for our robust Canadian food scene, we’re asking you:  what little food emoji would you like to see representing the best of our Canadian food scene?

Fiddleheads, a smoked meat sandwich, and maple syrup would all get our vote – what would get yours?


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