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Hidden behind Maison Cloakroom, a made-to-measure menswear shop in a striking century-old building on Montreal’s Golden Mile, is a chic 25-seat bar. Fittingly, it’s known for bespoke cocktails made with the precision and fine craftmanship of a seasoned tailor. As with top tailoring, the bar offers a technical, yet invisible approach to high-quality ingredients and preparations. For instance, it uses the science-y rotary evaporation process to extract delicate flavours like lime leaf or pandan and makes around 30 house tinctures, but all guests see are delicious drinks, not a lab. The bar has been collecting vintage spirits for nearly a decade, with a selection strong in amari and vermouth, plus a grand bourbon selection. As a result, the personalized classics made for each guest are a cut or two above your average no-menu drink experience. Bar staff get one-on-one training from co-owner and mixologist Andrew Whibley in how to size up a perfect fit for each guest’s particular thirst.

Early, ideally on weekdays, to avoid a wait.
Co-owners are also behind Bar Dominion.
6 Maximum party size is strictly enforced.

Photography by Melika Dez (Cloakroom)

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