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Earl Grey Negroni Recipe

A lighter, yet luxurious, riff on the classic Italian aperitif, the Earl Grey Negroni brings the sunshiny brightness of bergamot, a citrus fruit, to the dark cold days of winter. "It takes all the fresh orange and grapefruit notes that…

Hola, México

RETURNING TO MEXICO CITY POST-COVID, we felt every bit as welcomed and comfortable as we did the first time, 20 years ago, when the city first captured our hearts with its myriad offerings of maíz, mezcal, and museums. We wanted…


Chefs Romain Cagnat and Daniel Boulud's Madeleines

Un Pain Délice Cocktail Recipe

Loosely based on the 50/50 Sazerac, Joachim's winter warmer combines spicy rye, smooth Pineau (a grape must fortified with cognac eau-de-vie) and a swirl of fond memories —gingerbread, hot chocolate and mulled wine at the Christmas market — from his hometown, Marseilles. The…

A Bartender’s Guide to the World

And everyone will purport to teach you “the secrets” and all the usual blather about cocktail lore and such. But only a few deliver. A Bartender’s Guide to the World is one such book and it’s refreshing in its conceit.…

Purple Shiso Martini Recipe

This elegant cocktail can easily be made at home, but the enticing recipe sure makes a strong case for visiting our Toronto restaurant bar of the year. Herbal and floral with light baking spice and alpine notes, it showcases the…

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