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No. 39: Kaiseki Hashimoto

The rituals of Kaiseki dining are elaborate, mesmerizing and dauntingly time-consuming—especially if you include the flight to Kyoto, Japan.But you can forego the latter and still enjoy the complete experience if you head for this highly authentic restaurant in the Japanese Cultural Centre. Forget sushi. Insanely elaborate knife work extends to a regularly featured miniature crane, graceful wings extended, carved out of daikon. All ingredients are flown in especially for your pleasure from Japan. According to tradition, all dishes are seasonally focused—but according to their clock, not ours. Depending on the time of year, expect ayu—filleted, skin torched crisp, and served with its skeleton crisp-fired on the side. Or maybe some hamo—the daggertooth pike conger. A tasting menu may span yamaimo (mountain potato), taro root, red and white miso, chawanmushi (Japaese custard), daikon and white turnip with ginger sauce, shrimp-stuffed okra, wagyu beef, fried braised kuraboto pork, glass noodles, tamago (sweet egg), and three kinds of rice. To finish—a full Japanese tea ceremony.

6 Garamond Court,
Toronto, ON M3C 1Z5



Monday to Sunday
7:30pm – 11:00pm



Masaki Hashimoto

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