Roberto Marotta, who introduced Torontonians to his compelling Sicilian take on Mediterranean Italian cuisine at the intimate Ardo, on King Street East, has opened a new, larger and more ambitious restaurant to spread the word. Dova opened in Cabbagetown in the late summer of 2020, drawing culinarily underserviced locals to its heated back patio for lovely antipasti — like white anchovies with artichokes and pink peppercorns, swordfish carpaccio, Rico e Pepe, Ragù Siciliano and other neighbourhood-improving Sicilian treats — until the weather said, Non più. And it left them longing for more this summer.


Dova’s patio
Dova’s patio.
Chef Roberto Marotta
Roberto Marotta

Photo Credit: (Food/portrait) Rick O’brien. (Patio) Renée Suen.


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