In the past year, the typically reliable, classic-cuisine-driven menus at St. Lawrence in Vancouver have gone through more thematic twists and turns than a Tour de France ascent through the Alpe d’Huez. There was takeout tourtière, home-style à la maison dinners and cabane à sucre fêtes. In late spring, after the resounding success of a month-long tribute to Lyon, a planned rotation of other French regional cuisines was put on hold when indoor dining was cancelled. That idea was replaced by a simpler market-fresh collaboration with Glorious Organics Co-op — rotisserie chicken à la St-Hubert. Meanwhile, one constant throughout the pandemic has been prepaid reservations. And chef-owner Jean-Christophe Poirier says he sees no reason for the industry’s hesitancy in adopting it. “No one has complained. There have been no cancellations or no-shows. Our cash flow and food ordering are so much better. It really works for us and we’re keeping it.”
—Alexandra Gill

Photo Credit: Amy Ho


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