Deep in the middle of Jamaica’s Nassau Valley lies Appleton Estate Rum. Honey bronze colour with spicy fruit and oak aromas and their signature orange peel note, it’s perfect for standalone sipping or in a classic daiquiri, that three-ingredient sweet spot of rum, lime, and sugar. Start there, and then shake things up with these inspired takes on the classic from  Bar Mordecai’s Christina Veira (2023 Bartender of the Year), Mother Cocktail Bar’s Massimo Zitti (#7 on our 50 Best Bars of 2023), and Nick Kennedy at Civil Liberties (Best Bar of 2023). If you get started now, there’s enough summer left to make all three recipes.

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This perfect back-patio daiquiri from Nick Kennedy at Civil Liberties has umami under- tones from brown miso balanced with the acidity of fresh lime and a touch of sugary sweetness.

> 2 oz Appleton Estate Signature rum
> 1 oz lime juice
> oz simple syrup
> 1 tsp brown miso

> Shiso leaf
> Lime wheel

Combine rum, juice, syrup and miso with ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake well, strain over ice into a rocks glass, and garnish.


Mother Cocktail Bar’s Massimo Zitti created this compelling blend of aged and light overproof rums brought together with fresh citrus, premium maple syrup, sea salt, and brown sugar. That sweetness is balanced with a few dashes of amaro bitters and a smoky mist of peated scotch.

> 13⁄4 oz Appleton Estate 8-Year Old Reserve
> 1⁄4 oz Wray & Nephew Overproof rum
> 1 oz lime juice
> 1⁄4 oz maple syrup
> 1 tsp light brown sugar
> 5 dashes Fernet-Branca bitters
> 1 pinch sea salt
> 2 sprays peated whisky

> Lime wedge

Combine rums, juice, syrup, sugar, bitters and salt over ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake, double strain over ice into a rocks glass, finish with a couple of sprays of whisky, and garnish.

I made the “Destination Daiquiri” as a symbolic voyage from where I was before (Manchester) and where I am now (Toronto) taking a great “Manchester Classic Daiquiri (Called The Durty Daiquiri) and re-twist it Toronto style adding Fernet Branca (see Toronto Cocktail) and Wray & Nephew Overproof. Toronto has been for me a great destination and hopefully (with this cocktail) will also be for many more people.  – Massimo Zitti


This cocktail from Christina Veira at Bar Mordecai plays on the citrus and molasses notes of Appleton Estate 12-Year-Old rum. Tea adds roundness and the Aperol a touch of bitterness reminiscent of grapefruit, balanced by sweet agave and tart fresh lime juice.

> 21⁄2 oz Appleton Estate 12-Year Rare Casks rum
> 1 tbsp loose-leaf black tea
> 1 oz lime juice
> 1⁄2 oz agave syrup
> 1⁄4 oz Aperol Garnish:
> 1⁄2 Grapefruit wheel

Combine rum and tea in a cocktail shaker and steep for one minute. Add ice, juice, agave, and Aperol and shake well. Fine strain over ice into a rocks glass, and garnish.


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