Canada’s Best New Restaurant

Canada’s Best New Restaurant

Our experts pick Yorkville’s Buca Osteria & Bar as top new dining destination. The sad truth about great new restaurants is that they don’t come around very often. Most happening new places thrive exclusively by virtue of their novelty—and when…

Great Chefs In Great Places

Great chefs in great places

Culinary Travel  | Fall 2015  | Destination Europe Join a great Canadian chef on a culinary pilgrimage to the land that inspires him. Visit the best, little-known restaurants. Get the chef’s tour of all the places that matter. Learn the…

Happier Cows. Better Beef.

Happier cows. Better Beef.

With demand for healthier and more naturally sourced meat increasing, farmers have responded by turning back the clock. by Brendan Christie   More and more, consumers and restaurants want to know what’s in their food these days. It’s about simpler…

The Perfect Pairing

The Perfect Pairing

It’s only natural that the best wines for that locally sourced meal come from Ontario. [dropcap custom_class="bl"]T[/dropcap]here’s Bordeaux and Burgundy, Napa and Tuscany. And if you’re willing to travel there is even Barossa and Marlborough. But one of the greatest…

Up & Coming Chef

Up & Coming Chef

Paul Moran—or, more precisely, Paul Moran’s cooking—first came to my attention back in 2013, at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts on Granville Island, Vancouver. Moran was then 26, and a finalist in the inaugural running of the Hawksworth Young…

Egg Farmers Looking To Scale Up As Demand Increases

Egg Farmers Looking to Scale Up as Demand Increases

It isn’t just domestic beef farmers who are looking to the big picture. Canada’s egg farmers are also leading the charge. There are about 1,000 regulated family farms in the country that cooperate under the banner of the Egg Farmers of…

Welcome To Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants!

Welcome to Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants!

Welcome to Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants – a unique publication with an entirely new approach to our nation’s food. We’ve created a definitive restaurant guide, a list that will be ranked annually, and voted on by food critics, expert Chefs,…

Top Nine Tips On How To Be A Great Sommelier

Top Nine Tips on How To Be a Great Sommelier

What does it take to be the perfect sommelier? Tony Aspler offers his top nine suggestions. A great sommelier is a cross between a midwife and a white-water rafting guide. They can help you navigate safely and painlessly through a…

No. 68: DaiLo

No. 68: DaiLo

Trendy restaurants come and go at 503 College Street – and so, if you have a memory for such things, you cannot help but assess the latest tenant, DaiLo, with mild suspicion.