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Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Bunnies Are Good For You

There are many reasons why you should embrace dark chocolate. We all know by now that dark chocolate (milk and white don't make the grade) is good for you.  While for many of us (hands up!) this statement may appear…

Le Cordon Bleu Scholarship 2016

For over a century, Le Cordon Bleu has helped shape the careers of some of the best chefs around the world. Now the Le Cordon Bleu Scholarship 2016 is ready to help train Canada’s next great chef.

Leg Of Lamb Recipe

Jacob Richler’s Leg of Lamb Recipe

A Timeless Leg of Lamb Recipe Nowadays sheep birth lambs all year long - but in the culinary imagination spring and lamb still march along hand in hoof. A lamb’s place as the centrepiece of spring’s religious celebrations is even…

S. Pellegrino Young Chef 2016 competition

S. Pellegrino wants you! The brand's global chef scouting program attracts the best best and brightest young chefs from around the world.  Last year, more than 3,000 applications were submitted from 191 countries and we're hoping that this year, more young Canadian chefs…

2016 Fall Culinary Excursions: Amalfi Coast

Delectable Destinations presents personally escorted signature trips featuring exceptional food, wine and culinary experiences. Join us for a culinary pilgrimage to Europe this fall as we explore Andalusia in Spain, and the Amalfi Coast and Puglia in Italy.  In order…

Nick Liu - DaiLo

CONTEST CLOSED – King Cole Ducks Chefs’ Challenge

This contest is now closed. Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants asked three of Toronto’s best chefs to go head-to-head in our Miele kitchen to see what they could do with the world-class ingredient raised right here in Canada—King Cole Duck.

Celebrating 30 years of Nespresso

To celebrate 30 years of Nespresso, Canada’s 100 Best looks back at the premiere coffee company’s dedication to technology innovation. Since 1986, Nespresso’s roots have been firmly planted in the relationship between the finished product and its consumer. With a…

Cayman Sea Salt

Cayman Sea Salt, Naturally

When it comes to sea salt, nature reigns supreme.   To really understand the difference between table salt and natural sea salt, think of the contrast between refined white sugar and freshly-cut sugar cane. One is freshly cut from the…

All Clad Canada

All Clad – Supporting New Culinary Talent in Canada

All Clad does its part to support the incredible new culinary talent flourishing in Canada. Last year, All Clad recognized the work of the country’s Best Emerging Chefs—CMH-K2 Lodge’s Paul Moran, Cara Davis of George restaurant and Richmond Station’s Hayden…

Risotto With Crispy Piller's Salami

Canada’s 100 Best Sponsor | Piller’s Salami

Satisfy your childhood craving with Piller's Salami If you crave comfort food, why not take a spin down memory lane to lunchbox land and revisit the simple pleasures of a Piller's salami sandwich?  You can do an adult upgrade with…

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