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Nespresso Café Gourmand Competition Winners

The Nespresso Café Gourmand competition in Toronto and Montreal have chosen their winners. At the Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts in Toronto, Ana Cotoros' Coffee Bliss and Griotte Mist was selected by Nespresso Café Gourmand competition judge Chef John Higgins, chef…

Saskatoon Berry Ice Cream With Oat Crumble And Plum Purée

BERRIES HAVE THE BEST MOUTHFEEL, the way you can feel each one individually in your mouth—like tapioca, or really well-cooked sushi rice. But people have lost some important berry vibe. These days everybody wants them to be sweet. I think they should be sour. That’s what I liked about saskatoons when I first encountered them in Newfoundland, where they call them serviceberries. I also like how the harvest window is so small. They’re not exactly rare. But commercially, you don’t see them that much. The last thing is that they’re really good for you—rich in anti-oxidants and very healthy. —J.C.

Anthony Walsh’s Cornbread

I did this first at Canoe but it’s appeared all over the place at our restaurants. It’s a family recipe from my mom’s side. And yes, it’s canned creamed corn… I don’t know why but it just works. It’s best on the griddle.
Rhubarb Gin Shrub

Newfoundland Rhubarb Gin Shrub

For this Rhubarb Gin Shrub, I use Newfoundland Distillery Seaweed Gin, made at a new distillery in Clarke’s Beach using juniper, Newfoundland savory—prized for its distinct avour—and dulse. The Third Place tonic syrup is made here in St. John’s. The…

Caesar’s Ghost

If you are an informed consumer, with taste, you more than likely prefer the flavour of fresh, ripe, locally farmed tomatoes to that of their pulpy brethren, intensively reared, laced with chemicals, pulverized and preserved in a can. You’d probably…


A riff on a classic British preparation, usually a tender cut of beef with an oyster slipped inside, finished on the grill.

Land & Sea Fricot

I came across fricot three years ago when I was working on a cross-Canada tasting menu. I spoke to chefs in New Brunswick to get a sense of what the Fricot.
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