Interview With Chef Massimo Bottura

Interview with Chef Massimo Bottura

Canada’s 100 Best sits down with Chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana—recently named second overall on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants sponsored by S. Pellegrino—to talk training, humility and narrowly avoiding crucifixion.

Lost In Translation

Lost in Translation

Why is it that while most cuisines taste best in the place that they originate, Italian cooking transcends climate and geography so effortlessly?

Preserving Canada’s Natural Delicacies

Preserving Canada’s natural delicacies

At a crowded outdoor café tucked in behind the Vancouver Aquarium, in Stanley Park, Alexis Brown—from their Marine Science Centre—and research scientist Laurenne Schiller were having a spirited go at explaining the ins and outs of assessing the sustainability of…

Nine Canadian Restaurants Make World’s 1,000 Best List

Nine Canadian restaurants make world’s 1,000 best list

Canada has attained nine spots on the inaugural list of the world's 1,000 best restaurants. LA LISTE, a Paris-based website created to rank the best restaurants in the world, published its first list on Dec. 17. A restaurant's ranking was…

Drink Outside The Box For The Holidays

Drink outside the box for the holidays

Reed Pettit, bar manager at Miss Thing’s — a Polynesian restaurant in Toronto’s West Queen West — suggests three cocktails for the holidays that offer a warming echo of summer.

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Rolls 3
Rolls 2
Rolls 1

Rolls-Royce releases a $54,000 cocktail hamper

Rolls-Royce has created the ultimate cocktail caddie for its vehicle owners. The English luxury car-maker has released a limited edition cocktail hamper, priced at about $54,000 CDN. Only 15 of the portable cocktail bars, designed to fit in the trunk…

S. Pellegrino Launches 2016 Young Chefs Competition

S. Pellegrino launches 2016 Young Chefs competition

S. Pellegrino has launched its annual quest to find the world's best young chefs. Chefs, sous chefs or chef de partie, between the ages of 18 and 30, are asked to start practicing their best culinary creations to begin their…

Jamie Oliver Opens First Canadian Restaurant

Jamie Oliver opens first Canadian restaurant

The opening of Jamie’s Italian Canada marks the first North American eatery for international Chef Jamie Oliver. The restaurant, located in Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre, held its first diner service on Dec. 8. With more than 60 locations worldwide, Jamie’s Italian has grown…

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Cactus Club Toronto Grand Opening 5
Cactus Club Toronto Grand Opening. Toronto, ON, Canada. Oct 27, 2015. (Image: Ryan Emberley)
CCC Duck Confit_3

Cactus Club Flowers in Toronto

The long tease that began back in the summer of 2013, when the street level windows on the northern flank of First Canadian Place were first plastered with Cactus Club Café branded brown paper, is at last over. The Vancouver…

Jacob’s Table: Canoe At 20

Jacob’s Table: Canoe at 20

In Toronto, a two-decade run is an eternity for a stand-alone fine dining restaurant. And if you can close out that twenty-year stretch just as relevant as when you started, serving food that most consider to be just as good…

Canada’s Best Chefs Travel To Remote British Columbia

Canada’s Best Chefs Travel to Remote British Columbia

Each summer in remote Northern BC, one of the world’s best salmon lodges turns into a great restaurant—where David Hawksworth and guest chefs like Normand Laprise cap each day of great fishing with an incredible tasting menu.
Canadian Cheese On Top

Canadian Cheese On Top

Perfect Pairing. Chefs share a special relationship with their butchers — so, we asked them to create dishes that showed off what’s possible when the two work in unison — and then paired the result to an award-winning Jacob’s Creek wine.