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Peruvian Food

The Ambassador

Restaurateur Gaston Acurio is helping usher in a new Renaissance for indigenous food in Peru - and with it a rebirth of a culture threatened with extinction.
Mission Hill

A New Mission

Mission Hill, with its gorgeous architecture, award winning wines and spectacular Terrace Restaurant has become the go-to winery in British Columbia—and coin tosses are no longer required.

Is Seaweed the Next Superfood?

Sales of seaweed soared by 125 per cent in England after Jamie Oliver claimed it had helped him lose weight. True or not, seaweed can also make you feel fuller because it rehydrates and swells in your stomach.  A diet…

Restaurant Ink: Cori Murphy and Hannah Ford

Restaurant Ink #3:  C100B talked to pastry chef Cori Murphy about food-inspired tattoos and Hannah Ford on the creative link between cooking and tattoos. Cori Murphy Pastry Chef:  formerly of Alo restaurant Tattoo Tally: 6 On her favourite tattoo I…

International Beaver Day

It's our national symbol, and as embedded in the Canadian psyche as is the maple leaf.  Because today is International Beaver Day, we wanted to share a little-known culinary tale about our furry friends... Did you know that the Catholic Church…

Ciot introduces the new MUDtile Collection

Modern. Urban. Design. The three words that make up the MUD acronyym perfectly captures the new CIOT MUDtile collection aesthetic. Established in 2002 and designed in Montreal, Ciot's MUDtile products stand out due to their sleek and timeless style. The new MUD_04…

Bar Bricco

A Note on the Restaurants That Didn’t Make Our List

Canada's 100 Best Editor Jacob Richler writes about the restaurants that didn't make the 2016 list. Picture a single crostini, built
 on thin dark rye, fragrant and densely flavoured, spread with fresh, sweet ricotta, topped with
a paper-thin slice of Italian…

2016 Fall Culinary Excursions: Andalusia Spain

Our third Delectable Destinations excursion is to Andalusia Spain.   These personally escorted signature trips feature exceptional food, wine, and culinary experiences. The trips are limited to small groups of passionate (and hungry!) travelers. This fall there are three culinary…

Restaurant Ink Lora Kirk

Restaurant Ink: Lora Kirk

Restaurant Ink #2:  Tattoos tell the tale of our lives.   C100B sat down with chef Lora Kirk to get the story behind her very personal body art. Chef: Lora Kirk, Ruby Watchco Tattoo tally: 5 On her most meaningful…

S. Pellegrino One to Watch Contest

Canada’s top-10 up-and-coming chefs will compete in the S.Pellegrino young chef competition at Toronto's Art Gallery of Ontario on June 6th,  and you could be there to see it.  And eat it... This April, a total of 10 Canadian semi-finalists…

Walter Craft Caesar Mix

Up Your Caesar Game with Walter Craft Caesar Mix

A true Canadian classic, the Caesar is enjoying a mini-renaissance, with many top restaurants  using Walter Craft Caesar Mix to bring renewed creativity and focus to this uniquely Canadian cocktail. In addition to using distinctive spirits and attention-grabbing garnishes, one of…

Grant Van Gameren

Restaurant Ink: Grant Van Gameren

Tattoos tell the tale of our lives. The very act is rooted in ritual, and answers an ancient urge to commit art permanently to the body. In the first interview in this three-part series, we sat down with restaurant star…

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