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Toqué & Co.

Toqué & Co.

Signé Toqué -Normand Laprise’s Takeout-meal & Grocery
Beyond The Plate: Joon

Beyond the Plate: Joon

 Joon is a fragrant breath of fresh air on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Firmly situated in the heart of Montreal's Little Italy, Joon's cuisine is fragrant with the flavours, herbs and spices of…

Beyond The Plate: Tavern On The Square

Beyond the Plate: Tavern on the Square

Montreal's Tavern on the Square is a culinary local hero in Westmount. Chef Stephen Leslie's much-loved restaurant has been doing its thing for over 20 years.  What becomes a legend…

Chef Paul Toussaint’s Haitian Jerk Chicken

Chef Paul Toussaint’s Haitian Jerk Chicken

All the Caribbean islands use the same spice base. If you’re English, in Jamaica, you call it jerk. If you’re French like me from Haiti—or Martinique or Guadeloupe—you call it…

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